Do business in Europe

Do business in Europe

Set your sights on the European market with the Desjardins Representative Office (Europe)

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Business across borders

The Desjardins Representative Office (Europe) builds relationships with various organizations to support its members and clients interested in the European market. It also assists companies and individuals looking to do business in North America.

To help you develop your business operations in Europe, we can:

  • give you banking and financial guidance on opening accounts and securing European financing
  • connect you with European institutions and specialists (banks, lawyers, accountants, etc.)
  • advise you on targeting or establishing a presence in the European market
  • inform you about European banking practices

And because individuals are the foundation of every business project, Desjardins can also help collaborators and entrepreneurs who want to move to Europe.

Take advantage of our international partnerships

Desjardins gives you access to a network of banking correspondents in 29 countries to help you with accounts, financing, capital, payment services and insurance.

Experts to help you every step of the way

Target a market, assess its potential and get end-to-end support with Desjardins International Gateway, our global support solution.

Did you know?

The Desjardins Capital Transatlantic - External link. This link will open in a new window. fund: A growth driver in France

Desjardins Capital and its French partner, Groupe Siparex, joined forces to create a 75-million-euro fund aimed at helping mature Quebec-based companies expand their operations in France.

For European companies

We can help you do business in Canada.

Customer service

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Desjardins Representative Office (Europe)
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