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Desjardins and Company. For businesses in Europe looking to set up and do business in Canada. Image

For European companies who want to expand to Canada

Like over 6 million members, you'd like to join the leading cooperative financial group in Canada (fifth largest worldwide) and establish yourself in Canada? You can launch all your projects in just a few simple steps.

To help you with your financial needs, we offer the full range of Desjardins products and services available in Canada, which can be tailored to every profile to help you best develop your business.

Our financial products and services

For all business products and services, go to the Business section.

To learn more about advantages available to new Desjardins Business members, see Welcome Kit.

Download Desjardins's guide « Entreprendre et conquérir le marché canadien » a reference tool for businesses that want to expand their operations into Canada. The guide is filled with economic, legal, banking and socio-cultural suggestions, advice and management tips for a successful move into North America. The Guide is available in French only.

Guide « Entreprendre et conquérir le marché canadien » (in French only, PDF, 4.13 MB) - This link will open in a new window.

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Côme de Bagneux, Manager, Business Market
Desjardins Representative Office (Europe)
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Individuals are the foundation of every business project: Desjardins can help collaborators and entrepreneurs.

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Learn more about the role of the Desjardins Representative Office (Europe).

Contact us in Canada

Angélique Duclos, Advisor
Desjardins Representative Office (Europe)
+1-514-281-7000, ext. 5572075
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