Foreign exchange

For questions about the new regulation concerning the reporting of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives transactions, see Legal Entity Identifiers.

Transactions with foreign clients expose you to risks associated with foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

We make available to you effective tools to help you manage these risks.

More and more businesses turn to foreign markets to ensure their development and growth. The Desjardins Online Foreign Exchange Contract is one of many solutions at your disposal to expand internationally.


  • All foreign exchange trades done entirely online
  • Automated settlement and delivery in default accounts
  • Competitive and profile-based exchange rate
  • Many payment and delivery options:
    • Uniform pricing regardless of the method used
    • Email notifications and automated confirmation at every step

The Online Foreign Exchange Contract is an efficient tool that lets you manage a comprehensive range of foreign exchange trade and payment solutions.

Desjardins Online Foreign Exchange Contract

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Foreign exchange spot contracts make it easier for you to buy or sell foreign currency. Currency is exchanged on the same day, the next day or two days following your request.

Several currencies available.

Allows you to protect yourself against future exchange rate fluctuations, usually for periods of up to 12 months.

Exchange rate is locked in for a specific future date (or series of dates) for the purpose of purchasing or selling foreign currency.

Offered in most currencies in amounts of $20,000 or more.


  • Guarantees that a rate will apply at a future date: you can choose a specific date or a 30-day option for partial foreign currency transactions (minimum amount $5,000).
  • Protects your accounts receivables from exchange rate fluctuations; you know what rate will apply when payment is received.
  • Simplifies the implementation of a selling price policy; makes determining the price of your products in foreign currency easier because you know what exchange rate will apply when you receive payment for them.
  • Also allows you to lock in the dollar value of a debt denominated in a foreign currency when payable at a later date; prevents the cost of your supplies from being affected by a drop in the loonie.

Cash purchase and simultaneous forward sale (or vice versa) of a foreign currency to guarantee an exchange rate.

Offered in most currencies in amounts of $20,000 or more.


  • Amounts and dates can be matched with a commercial transaction, thus eliminating any residual risk.
  • Allows you to optimize multi-currency cash flow management. A cost-effective solution if you have accounts receivables and payables in the same currency at different dates.

Example: Let's say you've taken out a loan in Canadian dollars to import raw materials from the U.S. to produce goods you will export back to the U.S. You can sell your caisse the borrowed Canadian dollars to get U.S. dollars to pay your suppliers, and simultaneously make a forward purchase of Canadian dollars (in the amount of the loan at maturity) for the sale of the U.S. dollars you'll receive following the sale of your product. This gives you both access to Canadian dollars and protection against exchange rate fluctuations.

Currency options give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell currencies at a predetermined date and rate.

Available in major currencies in amounts of $100,000 or more.


  • A small contract premium may apply, based on the spot rate, type of option and date selected and currency volatility.
  • Allow you to make a profit when exchange rates shift in your favour and protect you when the opposite occurs.

We make available to you the expertise of our traders, who are experts in the area of foreign exchange. They'll work closely with you to fully understand your needs and recommend appropriate exchange risk management strategies.

For Caisse Desjardins business members (other than foreign exchange bureaus) that have a potential annual foreign exchange volume of over $1 million.


  • Preferred exchange rates
  • More direct access to the market, free of charge
  • Sound and personalized advice on using derivative products
  • Access to expert assistance developing a hedging strategy to protect yourself against foreign exchange risk
  • Daily analyses of market developments from our experts
  • Telephone notification service. You're advised when the market reaches your target exchange rate
  • Firm orders available

This service gives you access to exchange rates that take your annual foreign exchange volume into account. Benefit from preferred market rates.

How it works

Make your foreign exchange transactions on AccèsD Affaires. Our online financial services allow you to exchange U.S. and Canadian currency in real time. You'll automatically get preferred rates with each transaction, regardless of the amount.


  • Your company's annual foreign exchange volume must be higher than $250,000.
  • You must be registered for AccèsD Affaires.

Find out more
Learn more about managing foreign exchange risk and other strategies such as collar and barrier options, see Managing Foreign Exchange Risk - This link will open in a new window. (PDF, 546 KB).