Night deposits

Night deposits

Avoid lineups and use our secured deposit boxes to deposit your money when it's most convenient.

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Free deposit envelopes promotion

From July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, all recyclable deposit envelopes are free.

Make your life a little easier with night deposit boxes


Deposit your cash or cheques anytime, day or night.


Deposit your money safely in our night deposit boxes locked by key.


The funds will appear in your account right away or on the next business day.

How to register

Registration for night deposits is available with or without an appointment.

Go to the caisse where you want to make your deposits in order to:

  • Sign the service agreement
  • Get your key for the deposit box
  • Receive your free deposit envelopes

Find a caisse

How do night deposits work?

  1. Fill out and print the commercial deposit slip.

    Place the slip and the money in a recyclable deposit envelope.

  2. Go to your caisse and drop your envelope in the safety deposit box.

Combined ATM and night deposit services

Exclusive option to Business Access Card holders: access your funds quicker!

When you make a deposit at an ATM, select Combined ATM and night deposit services to confirm your transaction. The funds will appear in your account right away and will be available more quickly.

This option is also available with your access card for deposits only.

  1. In accordance with the service agreement, the term "disposable envelope" means "recyclable envelope".
  2. This free promotion is offered to Desjardins Business members who use night deposits and combined ATM and night deposit services. Depending on the volume of use, limited quantities of recyclable envelopes may be available to members. This free offer may be modified or cancelled at any time without notice.