Marketing platform

Desjardins speaks with a single, recognizable voice. No matter the business sector, no matter the audience, there is only one Desjardins.

Our tone

Desjardins's voice expresses confidence, warmth and a positive outlook. Humour may be used occasionally.


We're strong and self-assured.
We have a powerful voice.
We're direct and to-the-point.


We're upbeat and optimistic.
We have a positive outlook and believe in the future.
We offer solutions.


We're easy-going but professional.
We're accessible, not pushy.
We're friendly, not patronizing.
We offer advice, not judgment.
We show consideration for our members.

How we address our audience

We talk to the audience directly: “You” is the member or client. “We” is Desjardins.
We use plain and understandable language and avoid jargon.
We try to strike the right balance between stuffy and informal.
We use natural language (“can't”) without necessarily writing how people talk (“couldn't've”).

How we approach humour

We only use humour occasionally.
If we do use humour, it is smart, subtle and witty.
Respect is key: we avoid stereotypes and make sure we know our audience.


All our marketing will use the same font: a simple and modern style that reflects our brand personality.


Main colours

WEB  00874E

CMYK  100/20/85/0

RGB  0/135/78

PMS  7725C

WEB  383838

CMYK  0/0/0/90

RGB  56/56/56

PMS  Black 7C


CMYK  0/0/0/0

RGB  255/255/255

Secondary colours


CMYK  20/0/17/0

RGB  204/231/220

PMS  5595


CMYK  0/0/0/10

RGB  230/231/232

PMS  Cool Grey 1C


The photos we choose for our communications are a reflection of our brand personality. They should match our tone.

Visual system

The hexagon from the Desjardins logo (a stylized honeycomb) is meant to symbolize the importance of community and cooperation. In our visual system, parts of the hexagon—green bars—are used to highlight an area of focus.

The bars should call to mind the structure of the honeycomb. They can be resized or extended outside the frame, but they should never be stretched or rotated or depart from the honeycomb shape.

Use of green bars in documents other than ads

Use sparingly.

The green bar visual signature was designed specifically for our marketing platform. This platform is meant to be used for external advertising and should not be used in other communications contexts (decorations or decals on vehicles, booths or walls, internal communications, tutorials, etc.).

Download the visual system - This link will open in a new window.

Print ads

Put yourself in your audience's shoes. Don't use Desjardins jargon.

  • Leave more to you family
  • Enhance your legacy

Use an approach that will speak to your audience.

  • Plan now to avoid family drama later
  • It's never too early to put your financial affairs in order

Use natural language. Don't put brand messages in the mouths of the actors.

  • What I'm looking for in a credit card is a low interest rate
  • Ever since I got a Modulo Gold Visa card from Desjardins, I've benefited from a relatively low rate

Don't tiptoe around the subject of money. Be direct. Use as few words as possible to state an objective or give concrete direction.

  • Make money and make a difference
  • Opt for an environmentally friendly investment product

Lead with a verb. Avoid weak constructions.

  • Invest in your child's future
  • Your child's future is important to you

Avoid naming Desjardins in titles.

  • Step 1: Talk to an advisor
  • When it comes to estate planning, the first step is to meet with your Desjardins advisor

Limit punctuation. Don't use an interrogative form.

  • Plan for your future today
  • Thinking about the future? Plan now!

TV and video

TV and video spots can combine multiple elements of our new brand image. Our new voice should be apparent, but the most important thing is to make sure our message is clear.


  • Limit the spot to a single message. Make sure it's clear.
  • Our brand personality should shine through, but the 4 personality traits (simple, people-focused, modern and high-performance) don't necessarily need to all be there or equally emphasized.
  • Same thing for the tone: It should be recognizable as Desjardins, but the 3 attributes (confident, warm and positive) don't necessarily need to all be there or equally emphasized.
  • The casting, wardrobe and location should play a supporting role in clarifying the message and highlighting the concept.
  • The music should reflect our new brand image and complement one of the official versions of Desjardins's musical motif.
  • The colour palette should be bright (and on the warm side).
  • Make sure to incorporate the system using the green bars and the supers against the green background (see animation).


Rules of use, advertising


  • Background colour for the logo: green (RGB 0-135-78) whenever possible, or white


  • Static, without the sting
  • Ideally, appearing at :03, in the lower-right corner

Between 7s and 29s

  • Appearing between :03 and :01 from the end
  • For overarching brand: ideally, animated, without the logo assembly sequence, with the sting (since no assembly sequence, the sting and honeycomb icon come in at the same time)
  • For secondary brand: static, with the sting (since no assembly sequence, the sting and logo come in at the same time)

30s and more

  • Ideally, appearing :03 from the end
  • Ideally, animated, with logo assembly sequence, timed with the sting


  • Static, without sting
  • Case by case

Co-existence of current and new logos

  • We keep the current logo on all existing pieces (e.g. credit cards). It co-exists with the new logo that signs the ads


The new audio system makes it easy to recognize the brand based on Desjardins's musical motif. To ensure the message is associated with Desjardins, our radio messages will have 3 parts:


5-note motif





The instrumentation and musical style of the motifs can vary from one message to another depending on the audience. However, within the same spot, both the opening and closing motifs should use the same instrumentation and style.

Download audio files - This link will open in a new window.