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3,900 employees
30 worksites
1,000+ projects per year
1,300 applications
620,000 person-days of development work
2.5 billion debit and credit transactions per year


Client contact centres

The phone is the tool of choice when you need to speak to someone fast. Managing millions of calls in a multi-site environment requires advanced technology and people to optimize it.

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Mainframe computers

The volume of transactions managed by Desjardins (over 2.5 billion a year) is such that our mainframe computers are at the core of a substantial part of our information systems.

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Office systems

Over 45,000 employees use current software and a variety of IT tools specific to their jobs. We need solid teams to support our users and manage our many servers, while taking part in development projects.

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A financial cooperative that manages $229 billion requires uncompromising security. Desjardins has to stay one step ahead of emerging threats and attuned to developments in the field.

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Systems operations

Desjardins runs its own office systems environment and part of its mainframe computers. With our many components and tens of thousands of work stations in hundreds of sites, there's no shortage of challenges. Our processes and tools must constantly evolve to meet our business demands.

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5,000 km of fibre optics throughout Canada linked to state-of-the-art components serve all of our computer users. Our network is without a doubt the backbone of our IT infrastructure.

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The Web is in constant evolution and Desjardins is part of the vibrancy. With its online and mobile apps for tablets, mobile devices, and now the Apple Watch, Desjardins is a key player in the industry.

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Analyzes problems or situations and provides an expert opinion in accordance with the rules of the field.

Architecture Advisor - IT Architecture

Analyzes, designs and recommends IT environment solutions. Defines and develops detailed architectures for a variety of projects.

IT Services Management Specialist

Manages the IT infrastructure and resources to plan, develop, deliver and support IT services, including change management, performance management, and ongoing availability and improvement of services.

Programmer Analyst

Identifies and analyses users' IT and technical requirements to design and develop and implement software systems. Conducts unit tests and develops the appropriate documentation.

Project Leader

Ensures the completion and delivery of projects for which they are responsible. Coordinates contributions, manages financial aspects of projects, and carries out quality control, administrative follow-up and logistical support with members of the project team.

Quality Assurance Expert

Designs, coordinates and conducts tests to ensure that the new or updated systems work as intended and that the risks are understood and documented.

Technician - Information Technologies

Offers second level specialized administrative and technical support required to carry out the unit's initiatives and/or processes.