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Financial services for your manufacturing business

Made-to-measure financing and management solutions, expert advice and continued support to help your manufacturing business succeed.

We can help you tackle your business challenges

Whether it is procurement, recruiting, innovation, or market development; businesses in the manufacturing sector are faced with many challenges. Our experts are available throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario to help you keep your business competitive.

We take the time to get to know you and understand your situation, your goals and specific needs. We'll guide you to the best resources to help start and grow your business, no matter what size it is.

Financing and loans for manufacturing businesses

We create a personalized financing plan that covers all your business's needs at every step of the way. Here's what we can help you with:

  • Launches
  • Purchase of production equipment
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Innovation
  • Market development
  • Working capital

Complementary financial solutions

Desjardins Capital

Looking for financing to grow your business? Desjardins Capital offers financing in the form of share capital or unsecured loans and provides governance advice.


Use this search tool to find government funding that meets your business needs.

Momentum Fund

The Momentum Fund provides financial support for your growth projects. Il covers 25% of innovation projects, digital transformation, energy-saving equipment costs and much more.

Accelerate your business's growth

Whether you want to innovate, export, modernize or expand, we'll work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Global markets

Whether you're trying to sell your products in the US, transport machinery from Germany or move inventory over from Vietnam, the global shipping process can be rife with roadblocks. You can count on our teams to help you get a better handle on the global markets while minimizing the financial risks your business faces.

  • Foreign exchange tools
  • International payments and cash management
  • Funding
  • Help develop and optimize procedures

The Desjardins Factoring team can make it easier to manage receivables and benefit from the most competitive service fees by combining factoring with a commercial line of credit.

The International Gateway team can help you identify high-potential markets regardless of your sector. Our service helped nearly 100 businesses grow internationally by leveraging a network of 36 representative offices on 5 continents.

Complementary financial solutions

Benefit from the expertise of our trusted partners.

Get advice from experts at Inno-centre. They can help you reach your growth goals and drive success.

Benefit from Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters' (CME) support as this commercial and industrial association's mission is to help build your business and competitiveness.

Discover Export Development Canada's resources for exports and advice, and expand into new markets abroad with confidence.

Solutions for employers

Payroll and employee management

We have solutions that meet your needs as an employer. Whether it's for recruitment, payroll management or employee benefits, we can help.

Telus Health virtual care

Thanks to our partnership with TELUS Health, you can offer your employees a virtual healthcare service at an affordable price.

Protect your wealth and your business's future

We offer products and services designed to protect the value of your estate and secure your family's future.

Wealth management

Our team provides a turnkey service to help protect and pass down your estate.

Learn more about wealth management.


Our comprehensive range of life, health and credit insurance products is designed to protect your assets and income.

Learn more about our insurance products.

Business transfer

Planning to pass the torch in a few years? We can help you prepare and design a plan to transfer your business and protect its financial health.

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