Secure document sharing


Sharing confidential documents securely

See how to securely share confidential information with us using our document sharing feature or by email.

Document sharing: A secure way to share information

Need to share confidential documents with us to open an account, renew a mortgage or manage your savings?

There's a quick, easy and secure way to do it by using our document sharing feature. To access it, simply log in to your account on a browser.

Don't use AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires?

A sharing zone for members who don't use AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires will be deployed in 2023. You may not have access immediately. See the steps to take if a Desjardins employee wants to share confidential documents by email.

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How document sharing works


If you need to share confidential documents, the person handling your file will create a document sharing zone.

A new sharing zone will be created each time.


You'll receive an email when the document sharing zone is created and each time a document is added.

The person handling your file will also receive an email when you add a document.


To ensure the security of your information, only you and the person who created the document sharing zone can access it.

Document sharing zones remain open for 30 days. After that, any documents in them are deleted.

How to access a document sharing zone

First, make sure you received an email confirming that the Desjardins employee has created the document sharing zone.

If you use AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires

  1. Log in to AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires on a web browser. You can't access the document sharing feature in the mobile app.
  2. Select Statements and documents.
  3. Under More options, select Document sharing.
  4. Under Document sharing zones, find the relevant zone and select View message.

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If you don't use AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires

The person handling your file created a document sharing zone. You'll have to provide certain information to access it.


Viewing documents received

  • In the View documents section, download the documents

Be sure to save a copy for your records because document sharing zones are only accessible for 30 days.

Sharing documents

  • In the Share documents section, select Add document, then select the documents you want to share
  • Make sure the right documents appear under Document name
  • Select Share

Never share your login information

Some information should never be shared, even in a secure environment. This includes:

  • Passwords
  • Answers to security questions
  • PINs (personal identification numbers)

Sending confidential documents by email

If a sharing zone has not been set up for you, here's how to protect confidential information you need to send by email.

  1. Protect your documents with a password

    Use software like WinZip or 7-Zip to put all your confidential documents in one file and lock it with a password.

  2. Choose a strong password

    Your password must be:

    • Hard to guess
    • Made up of at least 8 characters
    • Unique (different from your other passwords and usernames)
  3. Send the password by a method other than email

    Send the password to the person handling your file by phone, text message or in person.

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FAQ – Document sharing

Accessing the document sharing feature

Viewing and sending documents

  1. For now, the document sharing feature is available to individual members who use AccèsD and non-members who are acting as an attorney or mandatary and therefore have a Desjardins Access Card.