Choose a good password

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Your password is your digital signature. If someone gets hold of it, they can access your confidential information and make financial transactions in your name. Protect yourself from identity theft by creating a strong password.

How to create a strong password

Make sure your password:

  • Contains at least 8 characters
  • Is different from your last 6 passwords for this service
  • Is unique and different from your passwords for other online services
  • Is hard to guess

Tips to create an even stronger password

  • Include a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters
  • Combine multiple words
  • Don't base your password on personal information
  • Avoid passwords that are easy to enter like 123abc or 9999a
  • Never choose a password that's the same as your access code
  • Change your passwords regularly

How to protect your passwords

  • Don't share your passwords with anyone
  • Don't save them on your computer
  • Don't write them down anywhere
  • If you think one of your passwords has been compromised, change it immediately
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