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As parents, we try our best to teach our children good manners and study habits, but we don't always remember to teach them the value of money and how to manage it. Adults however, spend a large part of their time thinking about financial management, which often has serious repercussions on the quality of their lives and even on their health.

If you want to help your child start off on the right foot when it comes to financial education, you are in the right place!

Where do you fit in?

Are you thinking about having a child or will you be a new parent in the coming months? While you'll be joyfully welcoming a new member into the family, you'll also have to reassess your needs and financial plan.

With preparation, you'll be able to meet your bundle of joy with peace of mind and fully enjoy the new adventure.

Learn more - You are expecting a child

As soon as your child is born, you can open his or her first account. It will be in your name (for your child) and can be transferred when your child is old enough to manage his or her money.

An RESP benefits you and your child

One day, your child will head off to pursue higher education and it will be time to pay for tuition, books, an apartment, etc. Plan ahead by contributing to a registered retirement education savings plan (RESP).

It's not always easy to discuss topics such as responsible consumption, the value of things, budgets and income tax with your child.

To help you discuss financial fundamentals with your child, Desjardins has educational activities for the whole family, including videos and interactive games.

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