Paying less taxes

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Registered plans

Tax-sheltered returns

A natural continuation of the RRSP.

  • Convert RRSP savings into retirement income.
  • Offers flexible payment options.
  • Income from tax-sheltered investments.
  • Convert all or a portion of your RRIF into an annuity at any time.

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Conversion tool for your LIRA.

  • Transfer amounts from a LIRA or a Locked-In RSP account or amounts accumulated in a complementary pension plan (widely known as a "pension fund").
  • 6 portfolios for all investor profiles.
  • Income from tax-sheltered investments.
  • Allows lump-sum withdrawals (subject to the maximum withdrawal amount).
  • Allows periodic withdrawals (subject to the legal minimum and maximum withdrawal limits).

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Conversion tool for your LIRA.

A TFSA is a registered savings plan that allows you to:

  • save for important projects
  • cover unexpected expenses (rainy day fund)
  • get tax-free investment income
  • make non-taxable withdrawals

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