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Current homeowners

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Your needs

Buying a new home

Looking for a fresh start or to buy another property? Make the right decisions for your mortgage and finances.

Buying a second home

Desjardins has a mortgage solution tailored to your needs for your dream cottage, whether seasonal or year-round.

Building your own home

A thrilling but demanding project that your Desjardins advisor will help you thoroughly plan out.

Renewing your mortgage with Desjardins

Mortgage coming up for renewal? Revisit your needs and your situation with your advisor.

Transferring your mortgage to Desjardins

A Desjardins advisor will handle the steps and evaluate your financial needs to offer you customized solutions.

Refinancing to use your home equity

Whether you want to bring a plan to life or save interest on your credit, your home can offer significant financial leverage.

Renovating your home

Loans, refinancing, lines of credit or credit cards? Find the solution that suits you in terms of your plans.

Managing your mortgage

Our advice and tools to help you pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible.

Going green

Desjardins supports green building and renovating.

Our products

Loans and credit


Fixed rates and stable payments
Variable rates and stable payments
Variable rates and payments

Loan portfolio management

Loan portfolio management program
Hybrid mortgages

Green Homes Program

A comprehensive offer for green building and renovating.

Preauthorized mortgage

Your "trump card" for shopping for a home

Versatile Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit

Multiproject Option

A clause to include in your Desjardins mortgage deed

Home Buyers' Plan (HBP)

A government program that lets you borrow from your RRSPs

Savings and investment

Regular Deposit Term Savings

Ideal for building capital to buy, renovate or maintain your property


Loan Insurance

Meet your financial obligations in the event of death or disability

Loan Insurance - Versatile Line of Credit

Comprehensive coverage designed for holders of a Desjardins home equity line of credit

Home insurance

Made-to-measure coverage for your new home