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Co-op Week

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Cooperation Week

Cooperating to help young people succeed. On October 20, 2016, employees and officers will work together to help kids to stay in school and succeed academically. Learn more about Cooperation 

October 16 to 22, 2016

Education is at the heart of Desjardins Group's philanthropic activities. That's why employees and officers will take advantage of Co-op Week to reaffirm their commitment to youth by participating, on October 20 2016, in a multitude of events in Quebec and Ontario to support “stay in school” and academic success programs.

By focusing on education, we're encouraging our young people to succeed so they can better contribute to society. And education goes much farther than just getting good grades. Are students socially integrated? Will they play an active role in society? Will they attain their full potential? Will they reach their goals? These are all aspects of academic success in which we can all play a role. Because when a young person taps into their passion and attains their goal, it's a success on all fronts.

Learn about educational and student retention projects support by Desjardins.

Keep an eye out on these Co-op Week initiatives

  • #DesjardinsFoundation Prizes:
    For people in educational and community settings who would like to get financial assistance to carry out a project with elementary to high school age children.
  • 100/100:
    100 young Desjardins Group professionals agree to mentor 100 students for a period of 1 year.

What is Co-op Week?

Co-op Week is an opportunity to celebrate our cooperative difference. Since 1964, it has coincided with International Credit Union Day every year on the week of the third Thursday in October.

Co-op Week is a chance for the general public, members, employees and officers to celebrate the considerable contributions that cooperatives and mutuals make to people and communities. Large-scale activities are organized throughout the week to promote and highlight cooperative difference.