The circular economy and the fight against climate change

The circular economy and the fight against climate change (0 min 54 s)

Added on October 1, 2021

Guy Cormier, our president and CEO, talks about shared prosperity, the principles of a circular economy and the fight against climate change.

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The circular economy and the fight against climate change (0 min 54 s)

Added on October 1, 2021 | Desjardins Group

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[Background music]

[On-screen text: Shared prosperity, circular economy and fight for climate change]

[An aerial view of a cruise boat in the Saint Lawrence River is shown.]

Shared prosperity can have a huge impact on climate change.

[Guy Cormier is standing in front of a window and speaking to the camera.]

[On-screen text: Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group]

As an example, circular economy. When I look at the last few decades, we had a production process where we extract resources, transform them, build a product and after that, there's some waste.

[We see a sped-up image of an active construction site, workers, equipment and two site cranes. A yellow power shovel is moving rocks into a haul truck. A man drives a forklift in a warehouse. Plastic bottles are being filled with water. Waste is thrown on a conveyor belt at a sorting centre. ]

But circular economy is trying to see if waste from one operation can become the resource for another one.

[Guy Cormier speaks to the camera. A backhoe piles cardboard waste against a wall. Waste moves along a conveyor belt at a sorting centre while three women work on either side, sorting plastic bottles. Half the image becomes a white bottle that's 100% recyclable labelled "Made in Italy."]

And I think it's really, really powerful and meaningful because we will see less impact on the environment.

[A woman wearing a surgical mask takes a delivery box down from a shelf. Inside is a folded blue cloth. The woman opens a grey felt pouch. She holds up a blue sweatshirt with a Kotmo logo. We see the back of the sweatshirt, which says "Certified B Corporation."]

There's no vaccine against climate change, so we must change our habits, change our behaviours and change our production process.

[An aerial view of a city is shown. Guy Cormier continues speaking to the camera while standing beside a living wall. A man wearing a protective suit, mask and wool hat is sorting waste. We see a close-up of the waste and the workers' hands. Someone places a glass bottle into a collection container. We see a backlit aerial view of three wind turbines in a rural area. An image of rows of solar panels covers half the screen. We see an aerial view of a river between mountain forests.]

And that's where circular economy can have a huge impact on the environment, and that's shared prosperity.

For more than 120 years, Desjardins has been in the picture.

[A screen mosaic displays the Desjardins Caisse des Patriotes logo. A male employee sits at his desk behind a clear protective barrier. The screen splits and we see a close-up of the man using a computer mouse.]

We're always and we're still a leader in so many different areas and we are able to help so many communities (sic), and that's where I'm really positive about our future, in the future of our society.

[A woman wearing a surgical mask sits serves a client, a clear protective barrier between them. We see a woman in her office. The screen splits and shows a close-up of the woman's keyboard as she types. Guy Cormier talks to the camera. We see a family a four. A young woman walks arm in arm with an elderly woman. Both are smiling. Four young students are sitting on the floor, discussing a book. Guy Cormier gives a speech at a podium. He smiles. We see an aerial view of Downtown Montreal.]

[On-screen logo: Desjardins logo]

[Background music: Desjardins jingle]

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