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Small businesses and self-employed workers

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Small businesses and self-employed workers

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Small businesses and self-employed workers Buy or start a business Transfer or sell a business Reduce your taxes Choose a plan Market news and publications

A whole range of financial products and services adapted to your reality, responding to your needs as an entrepreneur and allowing you to reach your goals!

Your needs

Managing your everyday business operations

Simplify your day-to-day operations

Saving and investing

Make your cash on hand grow

Financing your business

Make your business plans a reality with our made-to-measure solutions

Efficiently serving your clients and managing your suppliers

Hassle-free payments and account collection

Managing payroll and human resources

Use our payroll services for peace of mind

Protecting yourself and your business

Be sure to adequately protect yourself and your assets

Our products

Accounts and cash management

Chequing Account - Your basic commercial account

Build-Up Savings Account for Businesses - Get interest on your business savings

Mobile services - Anywhere, any time

Business Access Card - Access all accounts in your folio at all times

Cheque imaging - Keep track of your cheques online!

Transaction plans - Reduce your operating costs!

AccèsD Affaires - Practical, flexible and secure

Account collection service - Centralize your accounts receivables at Desjardins

Direct withdrawal - Collect money directly from your clients

Direct deposit - Pay your employees and suppliers easily

Government remittances - Send them online and on time!

Bill payments - Choose from over 5,000 eligible suppliers


Build-Up Savings Account for Businesses - Get interest on your business savings

Enhanced Investment Business Account - The high interest savings account

AgriInvest Account - Make the most of your savings and amounts received

Term Savings - Grow your money worry-free

Redeemable Term Savings - Access your cash at all times

Market-linked guaranteed investment - Invest in stock markets with a safety net

Disnat online brokerage - For the informed investor

Financing and credit

Business card - Pay, finance and save!

Business Freedom Solutions package - 3-in-1 financing package tailored for your needs

Operating line of credit - Finance your day-to-day operating needs

Accord D Business Financing - Caisse - Made-to-measure financing for your business

Commercial mortgages - Finance the purchase or construction of a building

Term loans - Finance your projects to help grow your business

Secured farm loans - The best loan conditions

Financing for residential rental property - Carry out your real estate projects

Solidarity-based finance - Take control of your financial future

Point-of-sale payments and financing

In-store payments - Countertop, wireless or integrated payment terminals

Online payments - Processing payments online has never been easier!

Phone payments - DePOSiTEL: make your transactions by phone for $5 per month!

Payments on the road - Process payments anywhere in Canada

Virtual Terminal - Easy processing of all your transactions for telephone and mail orders

Fixed-rate monthly plan - Ready-to-go plans to make budgeting easy

Accord D retail financing - What if all your clients had the means...

Auto and recreational vehicle financing - Maximize your revenue by offering your clients more

Payroll and human resources

Employer D - Telephone - Entrust your employee payroll to our experts

Employer D - Unique - Payroll solution for web-savvy employers

Employer D - Construction Payroll - Your expertise, construction. Ours, payroll.


Select Business Expense - Cover your operating expenses

Loan Insurance - Protect your loan and avoid a lot of headaches!

Credit Balance Insurance - Business - A solution designed to fits your needs

Line of Credit Insurance - Don't get caught off guard!

Vision critical illness product line - Get well without financial worries

GetWell Insurance - Fight cancer, not debt.

Business property insurance - Cover all your assets

Select Disability - Income - Ensure that you'll have an income, no matter what happens

Loss of business income - Obtain compensation

Permanent life insurance - Protect your estate

Performance Vision Solution - Be well insured, whatever happens

Commercial liability insurance - Get peace of mind

Insurance for commercial vehicles - Opt for comprehensive coverage

International services

Foreign currency accounts - Eliminate currency fluctuation risk

Sending funds transfers - A fast, safe and efficient alternative to writing cheques

Transfers between accounts and in various currencies - Instant transfers between accounts

U.S. Commercial Account - Simplify banking transactions carried out in the U.S.

Export letters of credit - Make payment of your foreign sales easier

Import letters of credit - Make payment of your foreign purchases easier

Guarantees - Confirm your creditworthiness to foreign suppliers

Documentary collections - Secure your international transactions

Foreign exchange forward contracts - Protect your business from exchange rate fluctuations

Desjardins Factoring - Sell all or part of your accounts receivables

$U.S. line of credit - A flexible solution for your current operating needs

$U.S. term loan - Finance expansion in the U.S.