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CRÉAVENIR is for you.

CRÉAVENIR is for you if you're an entrepreneur 18 to 35 and need financing for a new business or one that is less than three years old. Image
  • Entrepreneurs 18 to 35
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Financial aid in the form of a loan and grant

Exclusive Member Advantages

Cooperating in building the future

Did you know that entrepreneurial potential is greatest among young people aged 18 to 35?

At Desjardins Group, we believe in young entrepreneurs and want to help with their new business plans. So we've partnered with community organizations that support budding entrepreneurs (local development centres [CLDs], regional development cooperatives, community development agencies [SADCs], etc.) to offer a helping hand throughout the startup phase and provide financing that fits their needs and financial capabilities.

We call our support program CRÉAVENIR. Through it, Desjardins caisses work in partnership to spur local entrepreneurship and create vibrant communities.


To qualify for CRÉAVENIR financing, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be or become a member of a participating Desjardins caisse
  • Live and open your new business in an area served by a participating caisse
  • Be between 18 and 35
  • Have a viable plan to launch a new business or consolidate an existing business that is less than 3 years old

See a list of caisses and local economic development organizations: Liste des caisses et des organismes de développement économique local (in French only, PDF, 167 KB) - This link will open in a new window..

How the program works

1. Plan presentation

Is your business plan ready and you're all set to go? Bring it to:

  • your local entrepreneur support agency that partners with CRÉAVENIR

Need help drawing up your business plan?

2. Selection process

  • A regional CRÉAVENIR committee analyzes all plans submitted and selects those that qualify.
  • If your project is viable but you do not have enough of your own money to put up or collateral to pledge to qualify for traditional financing, your project may be recommended to your local entrepreneur support agency.

3. Mentoring and financing

If your project is selected, you:

  • are mentored for the entire startup phase of your business by your local entrepreneur support agency
  • qualify for a 5-year loan of up to $15,0001 with a one-year repayment holiday and a rate varying between 0% and 5%
  • may also be eligible for a grant of up to $5,0001 based on your business's needs

CRÉAVENIR financing (loan and grant) counts as your personal investment and thus can help you qualify for other sources of financing.

To help you get your business off the ground, consult our tools and tips.

Exclusive Advantage For Members

Enjoy other member advantages in addition to this product!

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  1. The maximum amount granted might not be the same in some regions. Ask your local Desjardins Business centre.

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