Write up a business plan

You're about to make one of your biggest dreams a reality by starting or expanding your own business. A business plan will help you tackle your entrepreneurial project with confidence. Use it to plan your approach, put your ideas on paper and identify your options. Having a plan also makes it easier to find business partners, investors and lenders.

Drafting your business plan

We have created an interactive tool to show you how to put together your business plan. It's best to complete each section in order, but feel free to move sections around or add sections as needed afterwards. It's your business idea.

Throughout this process, you can:

  • Think through your plans in greater detail
  • Get clarification on concepts
  • Get practical advice
  • Access additional resources
  • View tip sheets

Information that you enter in the interactive business plan remains your exclusive property. No information is sent to us.

Need help starting your business?

To help you create, finance and launch your business, we have plenty of tools and partnerships to get you started. Check them out to see how you can build up your business idea.

Explore business startup resources

Once you've drawn up your business plan, you can get started on your financing request. Potential investors will need both these documents to assess your idea.

Learn how to prepare your financing request