International services

Desjardins offers a complete range of international cash management services, foreign exchange transactions and financing services to large companies on international markets.

Desjardins has international expertise and vast resources, including an extensive network of worldwide contacts and correspondents, in order to fully meet client needs.

Pay foreign suppliers and deposit payments from clients outside Canada in U.S. dollars or euros, reducing currency fluctuation risk.

Simple and easy solutions to reduce the impact of exchange rate fluctuations and make your business dealings in the U.S. easier to manage.

Pay for purchases outside the country and receive payment from abroad while limiting the risks involved.

Financing products tailored to the needs of companies doing business abroad.

Effective tools to manage exchange rate fluctuation risk.

Allows companies to view their foreign currency account balances in participating financial institutions throughout the world, regardless of the currency.

Learn more about our international correspondents, our standing among other financial institutions throughout the world and our credit ratings.

For various international services for members and clients who do business outside the country.