Desjardins abroad

It's a wide network of international correspondents combined with an excellent credit rating on foreign markets, as well as 4 Desjardins Bank branches in Florida and a European representation office in Paris. We are continually investing in human resources and technology to stay on the leading edge of an ever more globalized industry. Our team of international services experts has your success at heart and is ready to provide you with sound advice in all matters of international trade.

A strong international role

For 50 years, Desjardins Group has been an international leader in technical assistance and investment, particularly in the microfinance sector, through its component Développement international Desjardins (DID). With nearly 65 developing and emerging countries across 4 continents benefiting from its expertise, Desjardins Group offers disadvantaged communities access to quality financial products and services adapted to their needs.

Desjardins Group's network of correspondents worldwide ensures members have access to international financial services.

Desjardins's financial stability is confirmed by excellent credit ratings.

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Our global standing
Desjardins is ranked 103rd out of the top 1,000 best capitalized financial institutions worldwide, according to The Banker magazine, published by the London Financial Times.