2019 Desjardins Group Annual Report

Message from the President

"In 2019, our elected directors and our employees took the cultural shift to new heights and showed just how committed they are to always doing what's best for members and clients. In response to the privacy breach, we rallied together to find the best possible protection solutions for our members and clients. I'd like to thank our members and clients for their understanding and solidarity. I'm so grateful they've placed their trust in us and continue to choose Desjardins to meet their needs.

We provided strong socio-economic leadership in 2019. Our $100 million fund supported projects focused on reinvigorating the social and economic landscapes of communities all across Quebec and Ontario.

Over the past year, we've expanded our commitment to young people. We now dedicate $50 million annually to initiatives that help young people shine in areas like education, employment, entrepreneurship and eco-citizenship.

We were the first Canadian financial institution to sign the Principles for Responsible Banking. Our 2 insurance subsidiaries also signed on to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance under the Desjardins Insurance banner. We're also long-standing signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment. By formally committing to these United Nations-backed principles, we're fast-tracking the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our business model.

2020 marks the start of my second term as president of Desjardins, and I'm full of enthusiasm and determination. I know I can count on the support of our elected directors, our managers and our employees. They're all committed to enriching the lives of our 7 million members and clients, and their communities. I'd like to thank them, from the bottom of my heart."

Guy Cormier,
President and CEO,
Desjardins Group

Social and cooperative responsibility

  • $445 million redistributed to members and the community
  • $100 million fund for community development
  • 1st financial institution in Canada to sign the Principles for Responsible Banking
  • Desjardins Identity Protection offered to all members and clients

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Financial results

  • Assets of $313 billion as at December 31, 2019
  • Surplus earnings of $2,598 million
  • Operating income of $17,909 million an 8% growth
  • Tier 1A capital ratio of21.6%

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