Take care of your employees

Employees today are no longer just interested in a good salary. Above all, this new generation of workers wants job conditions that allow them to strike a healthy work/life balance, along with competitive benefits.

As an employer, you're going to have to be prepared to meet these expectations if you want to attract and retain talented employees. Another great way you can take care of your employees is by giving them access to various services.

A healthy workplace contributes to your company's performance. See how we can help you take initiatives that promote your employees' health and wellness.

Offer your employees the opportunity to meet with a financial security advisor1. The advisor will help them build an insurance solution with benefits comparable to those of a group insurance plan. Your employees will be able to obtain life, disability and health coverage tailored to their personal and family needs, since several people can be covered under the same policy.

Offer your employees all the tools they need to be ready for retirement when the time comes.

1. In Ontario, this refers to a life and health insurance representative employed by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. In Quebec, this refers to a financial security advisor employed by Desjardins Financial Security, Financial Services Firm and assigned to a Desjardins caisse.