Grow your business

Grow your business

Our team will support your development with business growth strategies and tools based on your plans for the future.

Support at every growth stage

We're here to help you navigate growth opportunities, whether you're just starting out or already established. Whatever size your business is, your account manager will team up with you to increase production, innovate, modernize your equipment, reach new markets or complete a merger or acquisition.

Financing to drive your growth

Obtaining a financing solution tailored to your business's needs is the first step in the growth process. Our team will recommend the best financing structure to reach your goals.

Products that fit your needs

Browse our wide range of flexible products to develop your business.

  • Term loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Revolving credit
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Momentum Fund

Get up to $20,000 for a project in an eligible category such as innovation, digital transformation or sustainable development.

Learn more about Desjardins's Momentum Fund

Desjardins Capital

If your growth plans require custom financing, we can provide it through equity investments or unsecured loans. We can also help you choose the best governance model for your business.

Learn more about Desjardins Capital - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Expertise for your growth projects

Digital transformation

We have the tools you need to make your digital shift.

Accelerate your digital transformation

International trade

Reach new markets abroad with our specialized products and services.

Learn more about taking your business global

Mergers and acquisitions

Buying or merging with another business can bring significant strategic and operational benefits. Our specialists are here to help you create a plan and guide you through the process.

Plan your merger or acquisition with Capital Markets

Our in-depth market knowledge and industry experience allow us to build solid partnerships. Let our specialists guide you through your merger or acquisition.

Discover Desjardins Capital Markets

Connecting you with the right resources

Rely on the expertise of our trusted partners to help you expand your business.


Use this free search platform to find government funding such as grants, loans and tax credits.

Find funding with Fundica


Get 200 hours of innovation consulting at a special rate to help stimulate your business's growth and performance.

Learn more about Inno-centre - External link. This link opens in a new window

Export Development Canada

Expand into new markets with confidence thanks to EDC's resources and insights on exporting.

Learn more about our partnership with EDC - External link. This link opens in a new window

Manufacturiers et Exportateurs du Québec

MEQ is an industry and trade association with a mission to promote its members' growth and competitiveness.

Learn more about MEQ (in French only) - External link. This link opens in a new window

Solutions for employers

The key to successful business growth lies beyond your bottom line: you also need a strong workforce. Productive and happy employees will be your most valuable asset. We have resources and tips to help you be an employer of choice.

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