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Accelerate your business' digital transformation

Learn how we can help your company complete your digital shift.

Digital transformation campaign: a cooperative movement to support local businesses!

We're proud to be among a group of strategic partners chosen by the Quebec government to help Quebec businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

What is digital transformation for businesses?

Digital transformation is an ongoing process a business uses to incorporate new technologies into its practices. Examples of digital transformation include adding Web or mobile services. upgrading IT systems, and automating processes.

Why start a digital transformation?

Studies show that small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) who are well into their digital transformation perform better. They have an easier time adapting to rapidly changing environments and providing healthy and stimulating workspaces.

No matter what industry you're in or how large your company is, digital transformation is undeniably beneficial:

  • Stimulate growth and exports
  • Simplify day-to-day management, recruitment and employee retention
  • Improve profitability and productivity
  • Ensure competitiveness and business continuity

Find out more about your business' digital maturity

Assess your company's digital maturity for free with an online tool provided by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). It will help you compare your digital maturity to other companies in your industry, identify areas of improvement and learn about best practices.

Complete a self-assesment - External link.

Ensure a successful digital transformation

To maximise the benefits of your business' digital transformation, it's important to plan carefully and find experts in the field. Here's how to start off on the right foot.

4 steps to a successful digital transformation

  1. Assess your situation

    Assess your business and staff to identify the areas for improvement.

    • Can you improve your core procedures?
    • Is your business strategy clear, official and up to date?
    • What's your business' level of digital maturity?
    • What are your needs and objectives in order of priority?
  2. Plan your next steps

    Speak with our experts to develop a complete and detailed digital plan adapted to your needs. Your strategy should address every aspect and step of your digital transformation.

    • Goals and key performance indicators
    • Investment plan
    • Rollout schedule
    • Training, change management and recruitment
  3. Seek financing

    There are several government programs and others financing solutions available to help you turn your vision into reality.

    Feel free to contact us for tips and help choosing the solutions that best fit your plan and goals.

  4. Measure and optimize your plan

    Monitor your digital plan's key performance indicators throughout the implementation process.

    Adjust as needed to ensure that your strategic goals stay the course and your plan remains efficient.

Get help starting your digital transformation

We're here to support and help you find the best resources to accelerate your business' digital transformation.

Specialized experts to help you

Get support from our trusted partners every step of the way.

Mon commerce en ligne

The Mon commerce en ligne platform helps small and medium sized Quebec businesses generate online sales and optimize their processes. You'll have access to a diagnostics tool, a personalized action plan, training and one-on-one coaching with their digital and business specialists.

Learn more about Mon commerce en ligne - External link.

Réseau des centres d'expertise industrielle (RCEI)

RCEI helps Quebec businesses make the digital shift by providing support services, training and technological demonstrations. Desjardins members can benefit from subsidies and reduced rates.

Learn more about RCEI's offer (PDF, 1.03 MB)


The Inno-centre team helps small and medium-sized businesses prepare their digital transformation to stimulate growth and enhance their competitiveness. Their comprehensive and personalized approach focuses on optimizing processes, strategic and financial planning as well as human resources development.

Learn more about Inno-centre - External link.

Financial products and services for the digital age

AccèsD Affaires

Streamline your management and business relationships with providers, clients, employees and the government.

Learn more - about Accès D Affaires

Payroll and employee management

Enjoy our flexible solutions that will help you with sound personnel management and a good overview of your business.

Learn more - on our employer solutions

Payment solutions

Advanced, secure and personalized payment solutions from Global Payments will simplify your daily transactions.

Learn more - about our payment solutions

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