Visa US Business card

Available only to Visa Business cardholders

Indispensable for doing business in the US

  • Make purchases directly in US dollars
  • No currency conversion fees
  • Reap the benefits of a card that's accepted worldwide



The Visa Desjardins US Business card is an effective management tool that allows you to:

  • pay bills from American suppliers in US currency
  • settle entertainment expenses incurred by your employees while in the United States
  • avoid paying currency conversion fees by paying for purchases in US dollars

The Visa Desjardins US Business card is essential for owners of small businesses, self-employed workers and professionals who travel to the United States for business.

Fees and interest rates

  • Interest rate: 19.4%
  • Annual fee: US$30/card
  1. Transactions in currencies other than USD will be converted into USD. A 2.5% fee is applied to the transaction amount after the conversion to USD. For example, if a Canadian dollar transaction is converted into USD $100, you would be charged $2.50. We apply the exchange rate in effect on the transaction date. This rate is set by the credit card payment network.
  2. You have 21 days from the date the monthly statement is issued to pay the full balance on your account without interest (except on cash advances and cheques). The minimum payment due is 5% of the total statement balance. This means the balance shown on your account statement for the previous period, any interest or monthly instalments that were not paid on the due date for that period, your regular purchases, any cash advances from the current statement period, plus the interest charged on those cash advances. This amount will also include any other amounts due under your credit card contract. Here are some examples of applicable interest charges for a standard 30-day billing cycle: If the regular annual interest rate is 19.40% and your average daily outstanding balance is $100, you'd be charged $1.59 in interest. If it's $500, you'd be charged $7.67 in interest, and if it's $1,000, you'd be charged $15.95 in interest.