Our educational role

At Desjardins Group, we work to provide people with the means to take their financial futures and quality of life into their own hands, which is why we encourage the cooperative, economic and financial education of its members.

Learning how to manage a financial services cooperative

In compliance with cooperative values, the caisses provide their elected directors with a training program based specifically on their responsibilities. Being an elected director of a caisse today involves dealing with increasingly complex issues. Directors are also subject to unprecedented requirements in terms of governance.

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Educational youth programs

Desjardins Group's success in teaching young people about saving is largely due to the help of the academic community, which carries on the School Caisse - External link. This link opens in a new window. tradition.

Other initiatives like the youth financial education section, the Personal Finance: I'm in Charge® financial education program and The Project Factory - External link. This link opens in a new window. enable Desjardins to offer a diverse range of services adapted to young people of all ages.

Learn more about financial education and young people.

Financial support for educational institutions and organizations

We provide financial assistance to organizations that work for young people and to educational institutions through sponsorships and donations.

Cooperative education

Desjardins Group has entrusted Desjardins Foundation with a capital fund of $1 million entirely dedicated to coordinating and leading the activities of the Fondation pour l'éducation à la coopération and developing tools for youth and cooperative education. Desjardins Group is translating into action its desire to contribute to the promotion of cooperation, teaching of democracy and support of cooperative entrepreneurship among young people. To learn more, go to the Fondation pour l'éducation à la coopération website (site in French only).