Personal Finance: I'm in Charge

Personal Finance: I'm in Charge

Since 2013, our financial literacy program, Personal Finance: I'm in Charge®, has taught young people how to make sound consumer choices and manage their finances confidently.

Learn how to manage your money

Personal Finance: I'm in Charge teaches essential financial skills. The 17 training modules of the program were designed with young people's needs in mind, so you can apply what you learn in your daily life.

Who can register

This program was developed for 16- to 25-year-olds. You can register for a training module as an individual or as a group (school class, sports team, etc.). Registration is free for both Desjardins members and non-members.

How it works

The program's partner organizations are dedicated to youth. About 350 instructors are accredited by Desjardins to offer objective and neutral workshops.

  • For 16- to 25-year-olds

  • Free of charge

  • 17 training modules (3 virtual)

  • Quebec and Ontario

  • 116 partner organizations

17 modules to choose from

The Personal Finance: I'm in Charge program covers 4 main topics. Each module is 2 hours long and can be taken in any order.

module 1 Budgeting: Numbers that speak for themselves

Use budgeting as a tool to achieve your personal goals.

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module 2 Credit: The more you know, the better

Understand how credit works, how it fits into a budget and how to use it responsibly.

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module 3 Consumer goods: My choices versus my influences

Identify what influences consumers' needs and choices to stay ahead of the game.

In person

module 4 Buying and saving: Making room for both

Learn the key considerations of a well-planned purchase and the role that saving plays. Explore different ways to save.

In person

module 5 Handling excessive debt: Solutions and steps

Learn the signs and find solutions to get out of debt.

In person

module 6 Food: Tips and tricks to save

Understand supermarket marketing strategies, ways to save and how to make a grocery budget.

In person

module 7 Transportation: On the right track

Explore the myths, realities and costs of different means of transportation and choose the one that's right for you and your budget.

In person

module 8 Finding an apartment: Your key considerations

Evaluate different housing options and follow the steps to getting your own place according to your needs, reality and ability to pay.

In person

module 9 Consumer protection: Know your rights

Learn the rights and responsibilities of consumers and merchants and how to deal with the most common situations.

In person

module10Cell phones: Getting a clearer picture

Know what to consider when shopping for and using a cellphone.

In person

module11Education: An investment for your future

Learn how to budget for your studies and the best ways to finance them.

In person

module12Employment income: From gross to net

Understand the information and deductions on a pay stub. Learn about the risks and consequences of working under the table.

In person

module13The labour market: Your rights and responsibilities

Learn the main labour laws and standards and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

In person

module14Income taxes: A civic duty

Demystify income and other taxes as well as your civic duty to pay them.

In person

module15Financial services: Accounts, transactions and security

Learn about different financial institutions and the services they provide. Understand how to keep your financial transactions secure.

In person

Extra. Digital Security: Take steps to protect yourself

Learn how to protect your digital privacy and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

Online only

module16Insurance: Thinking ahead

Identify the main types of insurance, their purpose and your responsibilities. Evaluate different needs and understand the possible options.

In person

module17Investing is about more than making money!

Start thinking about how to choose investments based on your profile and future plans.

In person

How to register for a module

Contact a partner organization to find out when the module is offered and register directly with them.

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