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logo desjardins vert


logo desjardins vert

The logos of Desjardins and its subsidiaries use the second Averta font style. No other fonts can be used.


Green must be used at all times to ensure brand recognition. The logo should only be set against a background in use that provides sufficient contrast. It should never be set in a box. Black is recommended in cases where the background colour affects the legibility of the logo. White is acceptable if neither the green nor black versions of the logo can be easily read. Specific standards apply to signage. See Signage.

Desjardins green

WEB  #00874E

CMYK  100/20/85/0

RGB  0/135/78

Pantone  7725c (PMS 7725c)
Benjamin Moore: Emerald isle 2039-20
3M Vinyl: Kentucky Blue Grass 3630-276



Logo format

Brand architecture

There are 3 main levels in the brand architecture:

  • Level 1: master brand
  • Level 2: pillar brands
  • Level 3: identity brands

These brands are used to sell our products and services and represent Desjardins on the market.

As a general rule, we use a pillar brand in our communications. We have 4 pillar brands that we use to position Desjardins in strategic sectors.

Identity brands can also be used:

  • To identify a specific network
  • For compliance reasons
  • To position Desjardins in a new market niche
  • If the message doesn't clearly identify the product
  • If the target audience is a specific population or if the brand is being used in specialized media

If multiple Desjardins entities are partnering to release a message, a single brand must be chosen. Some examples:

Product brands constitute a 4th level. They may be used to position products vis--vis a particular audience, market, competitor or network. They must always be used alongside a brand from one of the first 3 levels.

Corporate and independent brands also exist within the brand architecture.


The minimum spacing required between the Desjardins logo and a partner logo must be equivalent to the Desjardins logo itself.

logo visa et logo desjardins

Authorization for use of Desjardins logos

Prior authorization is required for any third-party use of a Desjardins logo. Authorization is granted for a specified period of time.

If you have an existing contract with us, you should ask your Desjardins contact. All other requests can be made via this online form Request to use Desjardins brands and logos - This link will open in a new window.. Make sure to provide specific details on how the logo will be used. Note that:

  • Modifying any part of a Desjardins logo is strictly prohibited.
  • Unauthorized distribution, publication or any other use of Desjardins's logos is prohibited.

If you change the way you intend to use a Desjardins logo, you must notify either the person who granted you authorization or the Brand Management Department.

Desjardins reserves the right to ask third parties to cease using its brands and its logos if it deems their use to be inappropriate, even if prior authorization was granted.