Investment fraud prevention

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada? Protecting your personal information is our top priority and why we developed a new protection solution for all our members. Find out more about our personal data and identity theft protection measures.

Your advisor can help you protect your financial wealth

Before committing to a new investment opportunity, talk to your advisor about the risks involved, as well as potential gains and losses.

When in doubt, ask for detailed information and speak with your Desjardins advisor.

Are you doing business with registered professionals?

Place your trust and financial wealth in the right hands. When someone approaches you to invest in financial products, make sure you're dealing with a professional registered with Quebec's Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) or the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

Check the status of a representative's licence:

A few clicks can save you a world of trouble!

Are you being offered high-yield, low-risk investments?

Many fraudsters draw your attention with high-yield investments. You may, for example, be offered a 5% monthly return—but when you take a closer look, the return on investment is in fact closer to 80% a year, a number that is, unfortunately, far from realistic.

Investments that promise high returns and low risks warrant a closer look. If you're uncertain, speak with your Desjardins advisor for a second opinion.

Did you hear about the investment opportunity from a friend, acquaintance or family member?

Many victims of fraud lower their guard when they hear about an investment from someone close to them. By the time they both discover the fraud, it's too late to find the fraudster and recover their money.

Always make sure an investment is safe and legitimate, regardless of the person who tells you about it.

Were you asked to make a payment in cash or make a cheque out to an individual?

Always transfer assets to a well-known company. That way, you can track your funds when you entrust them to a registered professional or potential business partner. Cash and personal cheques are usually the currency of fraudsters.

Is the investment a “Once in a lifetime” opportunity?

Investing under pressure is no way to do business. Fraudsters use a sense of urgency and secrecy to manipulated their victims and force them to make a decision. After all, the last thing they want is for you to discover their true intentions.

Learn to say no and give yourself the time to do some research. If in doubt, contact your Desjardins advisor.

To learn more, go to the Autorité des marches financiers site.