Beware of fake employee support scam

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada? Protecting your personal information is our top priority and why we developed a new protection solution for all our members. Find out more about our personal data and identity theft protection measures.

How it works

The scam mainly targets businesses and works like this: you get a call from someone posing as an employee of a financial institution who says there is a new way to improve your banking services or that you need to update your business information.


Scammers work to earn your trust and offer to email you software to download and stay on the line with you while you do it. In reality, the software will give them access to your computer and personal information (usernames and passwords) so they can transfer money out of your account.

They may insist that other company employees do the same update.

Be aware

The employee of a company (technician, customer service or help desk agent) would never contact clients to do updates or computer repairs like this.

Protecting yourself

  • Never let a stranger on the phone take control of your computer.
  • Never take action at anyone's request.
  • Don't provide your personal information (debit or credit card numbers, AccèsD passwords, PIN, etc.).
  • In case of doubt, end the conversation and call the company the employee said they represented, using a phone number you got from a reliable outside source (e.g., Canada 411).

What to do if you are a victim