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After high school

Are you about to finish high school and contemplating going to trade school, college or university? Are you a vocational student?

Desjardins had you in mind when it instituted the Student offer to help you stay on top of your finances and plans. You can also get student financial aid from a government program to help you finance your studies.

With all the decisions you have to make, such as deciding on a career, and all the changes coming up in your life, it's important you give yourself the means to concentrate on your studies.

Discover how the Students section can help you stay on top of your finances. You'll find:

  • easy-to-understand financial information
  • tips and advice on savings and investment, credit, insurance and spending
  • simulation tools, etc.

You'll also have access to tons of entertainment and a variety of general information. You'll be able to:

  • enter exclusive contests
  • find out about matters that concern your future, international development, health, society, music, etc.
  • learn about new sites
  • and more!

A student loan or bursary can lend you a financial hand during your studies. Make sure you make the most of it.

Quebec government loans and bursaries


Full-time students at the following levels:

  • Vocational
  • University

To find out about all eligibility requirements and to calculate how much financial assistance you could receive, visit the Aide financière aux études website.

Learn more
See Government Guaranteed Student Loan.

Student bursaries and scholarships available at your caisse

Many caisses hold student bursary and scholarship contests. Ask your caisse.

Desjardins Foundation bursaries and scholarships

Each year, Desjardins Foundation awards scholarships and bursaries to students of various levels. If you're under 18 years of age and in Secondary 5, you could qualify for a $1,000 achievement award.

Learn more about Desjardins Foundation scholarships.

Managing your loan or scholarship

If you get a loan:

  • Remember that you'll have to reimburse it
  • Enter that amount under "Income" in your budget
  • If you can avoid spending it all, that's even better! It'll be easier to reimburse your debt when you finish your studies
  • Be careful not to spend it all on items you could do without. Stay within your budget and prioritize school-related expenses

If you get a scholarship:

  • Enter that amount under "Income" in your budget.
  • Because you'll receive the amount as a lump sum, you may be tempted to spend it all right away. Careful! How will you pay your cell phone bill?