After high school

Now that you've finished high school, you have other projects in mind!

And we have what you need to see them through.

Whether it's to help you manage your finances more easily or get help financing your studies.

Manage your finances more easily

With all the decisions you have to make, like choosing a career, and all the changes coming up in your life, you want to be able to focus on your studies.

You can stay zen with the help of a combination of financial products tailored to your needs and level of study. Learn more about our student offer.

Get help financing your studies

Government assistance

You can get financial aid from the government if you're a full-time student enrolled in:

  • vocational studies
  • college or CEGEP
  • university

When you get government financial aid, you don't have to start repaying the funds until you finish your studies.

Of course, you have to meet the requirements first.

Learn more about the Quebec Loans and Bursaries Program

Your caisse

Many caisses hold scholarship contests. Ask your caisse if it has one. Who knows, you just might win one!

Find a caisse

Desjardins Foundation

Each year, Desjardins Foundation awards scholarships to students at various levels of study. This includes vocational training and college or CEGEP studies.

Learn more about Desjardins Foundation scholarships

Loans and scholarships: how they work

A loan or a scholarship could give you a huge boost during your studies. Look into it to find out just how much you could get!

If you get a loan

Remember that loans have to be repaid when you finish your studies.

If you get a scholarship

Scholarships are paid out all at once, in a lump sum. It's very tempting to spend it all quickly. Take a deep breath, and figure out a way to make the money last as long as possible.


How to keep from spending too much too fast

Include the amount you get in your budget in the Income category. Stay on budget and prioritize study-related expenses.

Make it easy on yourself and use the AccèsD My budget management tool

Here are more tips and action plans if, for you, finishing high school is just the start of many other firsts such as: