Saving for a goal

Setting aside money for a project

Have a lot of plans in mind? The best way for you to buy a car, go on a trip, do an internship or for any other project, is to accumulate savings. Choose from a wide range of savings and investment products and services that offer different potential returns depending on the risk level involved. It is important to base you decision according to what best suits your needs and your investor profile.

Accumulate savings without risk for short-term projects while growing your capital

Enhanced Savings Plan - For Desjardins members

Save to achieve your goals

Guaranteed fixed-rate investments - Risk-free savings

Grow your savings without risk and choose the plan and terms that suit your needs.

Benefit from tax-friendly plans to build your capital

TFSA Savings Account - Grow your savings tax-free

Put money aside while keeping your investment income and withdrawals tax-free.

RRSP - Prepare for buying your first property and more

Though usually used to save for retirement, this type of investment can also be used to build capital to purchase your first property.

Protect your capital for medium- or long-term projects

Market-linked guaranteed investment - The best of both worlds

Benefit from potentially higher domestic and international market-linked returns without compromising the security of your capital.1.

Grow part of your capital for medium- or long-term projects

SocieTerra Portfolios - Responsible investment

Lets you invest as little as $500 in companies that are carefully selected for their social responsibility and environmental policies.1.

Investment funds - Options to diversify your portfolio

Invest in Canadian or foreign shares, bonds, money market securities or in a diversified investment solution. 1.

Disnat Online Brokerage - Trading for the self-directed investor

Monitor the markets and trade stocks and other securities online.1.

1. This investment is not guaranteed and fluctuates with the stock market.