Scholarships for post-secondary students. In all programs of study.

Are you a student at a vocational school, college/CEGEP or university? At the Desjardins Foundation, we know a helping hand can make a real difference to your education.

That's why we award thousands of scholarships to post-secondary students every year.

Application period

The application period runs from March 1 to 31 every year. Until then, get ready by creating your profile on the Desjardins scholarship platform. Once you've created your profile, you'll automatically be notified when we start accepting applications.

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2024 eligibility for Desjardins Foundation scholarships

  • Be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status
  • Have primary residence in Canada
  • Be a member of a Desjardins caisse in Quebec or of the Desjardins Ontario Credit Union at the time you apply and at the time you receive your scholarship
  • Be enrolled in a part-time or full-time vocational school, college/CEGEP or university (undergrad, master's or doctoral) program at a recognized educational institution for the fall 2024 semester (under certain conditions)
    • In order to be considered, part-time students must:
      • Be diagnosed with a major functional impairment, a serious episodic disorder that causes major and permanent physical and mental health problems (medical certificate required); or
      • Be the parent of a child under the age of 6 or of a child with a disability or impairment
  • Be 30 years of age or younger on December 31, 2024
  • Not have received a multi-year scholarship from the Desjardins Foundation already covering the fall 2024 semester

See the scholarship rules (PDF, 90 KB)

Don't meet the Desjardins Foundation eligibility criteria?

No worries. Once you've filled out and submitted your form, you'll have access to several scholarships. Your application will be automatically forwarded to the scholarship programs you're eligible for. This means more chances for you to get a scholarship!

Amount awarded

  • Vocational training

    $1,000 scholarships

  • College/CEGEP program

    $1,500 scholarships

  • University Bachelor's degree program

    $2,000 scholarships

  • University Master's degree program

    $3,000 scholarships

  • University Doctoral degree program

    $5,000 scholarships

Important dates


March 1 to 31

Call for applications


April and May

Processing of applications



Announcement of Desjardins Foundation scholarship recipients


September and October

Awarding of the Desjardins Foundation scholarships

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