You must convert your RRSP into an annuity no later than December 31 of the year you turn 71.

Your savings, registered or not, become regular income

  • Interest rate: current rate at the time annuity is taken out
  • Index option: income payment amounts can be adjusted annually

Savers who want guaranteed regular income for a set period of time or until death. You can use all or part of your RRSP or non-RRSP savings to buy an annuity without having to worry about managing your investments.

2 types of annuities available

  • Life annuity or term certain annuity
  • To learn more, see frequently asked questions about annuities (FAQ).
  • An annuity can be combined with a RRIF or LIF. The RRIF or LIF portion ensures investment income flexibility; the annuity portion ensures retirement income stability.

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Income taxation

Taxes can be spread out over several years

Interest rate

Fixed for the duration of the annuity, regardless of future rate fluctuations


  • Exact annuity amount is set at time of purchase and income is protected from potential interest rate reductions
  • Income amounts can be adjusted annually by indexing your periodic payments

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