Protecting yourself and your loved ones

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Be covered in case of critical illness

Secure Your Retirement Dream

You've been working on saving up and growing your investments for quite a while now so that down the road you'll be able to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.

Your careful planning should ensure your success but unfortunately, we can't predict who might get sick or suffer a loss of independence. Either situation could put your well-planned retirement at risk.

To optimize your investment strategy
Have you considered including insurance as part of your investment strategy? The Secure Your Retirement Dream Integrated Solution combines investment and insurance strategies - making it possible to protect your retirement goals through your RRSP strategies.

Personalized advice
This offer gives you the combined benefit of a Wealth Management advisor working side-by-side with a Desjardins Insurance financial security advisor.* Together, they'll find the integrated solution that works best for you so you can achieve your financial goals.