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The Co-opme program

Education and cooperation: Desjardins's DNA

Since it was first founded more than 110 years ago, Desjardins Group has been heavily involved in financial education and cooperation. The Co-opme program is one way to concretely demonstrate what the Desjardins difference is.

Responsible financial management

Fostering the development of personal and collective wealth makes it possible to contribute to sustainable prosperity. First and foremost, this prosperity is built on responsible management of our finances. Co-opme's primary driver is education. The goal is to bolster people's financial independence and the success of businesses.

A powerful business model

In a context of greater interdependency, we must work together at the local, regional, national and even international levels. Cooperation is thus at Co-opme's core. The cooperative business model is both powerful and well-suited to today's major economic challenges.

More than ever, Desjardins wants to renew and strengthen this commitment to people and communities. Many initiatives will bear this out in the coming months.

Your opinion matters

The Internet gives us a new way to experience the proximity to the people of Quebec and Canada that has always characterized Desjardins. This is why we want this dialogue to continue on Whether it's to share your tips on budgeting and personal finance, put your questions on investment options to our experts, or state your opinion on Desjardins's initiatives—we want to hear from you.

The Desjardins Personal Financial Index

Measure your financial skills and knowledge.

My index - Budgeting, debts, savings, insurance...
My index 2 - Have you taken control of your finances?
My index 3 - Spending, saving, protecting your assets...

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