4 tips to help you be proactive in reducing your car insurance premiums

  1. Always drive carefully. An impeccable driving record is the first step towards getting the best rates possible. As a good driver, you're definitely favoured by your insurer.
  2. Choose the deductible that best meets your needs. By increasing the amount of the deductible you would pay in case of a claim, you automatically reduce your premiums. Of course, this is only to your advantage if you're able to cover the higher deductible if something happens.
  3. Opt for "winning combinations". By purchasing your car and home insurance with the same insurer, you get a nice rebate. At Desjardins Insurance, a double contract gives you up to 10% savings and you also benefit from certain additional coverage free of charge with your car insurance. It's an advantage that's well worth it!
  4. Remember that your car insurance premiums are based on many things, including the kind of car you drive. You'll pay considerably more in premiums to insure a new sports car than for the same coverage on a 2008 compact sedan.

You sometimes borrow a friend's car?

You can sometimes add additional coverage to your car insurance contract. For a slight surcharge, you'll be protected if you borrow a friend's car1.

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Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc.

1. Subject to other contract exclusions and limitations.