6 tips to make the most of your credit card

  1. Settle your monthly balance in full before the deadline, or interest will be calculated retroactively from the date of purchase.
  2. Remember not to be guided by impulse. This means that you should use your credit card as a handy method of payment when you need it, such as to reserve a room when you go on vacation, to rent a car or a trailer, buy show tickets or plane tickets or make online purchases.
  3. Respect your credit limit and don't increase it unless your income increases.
  4. Get cash advances only when you need them, because interest is charged as of the transaction date since there is no grace period such as the one allowed for purchases.
  5. Keep all your receipts so you can compare them with your monthly account statement. This is an excellent way to monitor your budget more closely and make sure no one has used your card.
  6. Never lend out your card and only give out your card number to businesses you trust.

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