Financial guide for students: My finances, well in hand!

A student's guide to personal finances and managing student loans.

Financial assistance for studies

Borrowing money from the government

Applying for financial assistance from the government is simple, but you have to take the time to do it properly.

Receiving financial assistance

If all your documents are properly filled out, you'll receive a quick response. Learn more about what happens after you apply.

Paying off loans

As a borrower, you're responsible for paying off your loans when you finish your studies. Here are some useful tips.

Personal finance advice

Building up a credit rating

To develop healthy borrowing habits is to prepare yourself for the future.

Making good use of financing products

Financial institution provides students with financing tools especially designed for them. Find out all you can about them so you can make the most of their use.

Protecting your financial future

Getting credit—whether through a loan, a line of credit or a credit card—carries a certain responsibility: you have to pay it back! Even if something unexpected happens, your financial obligation remains.

Useful action plans and tips to take charge of your personal finances

How to make your first loan application a little easier

A few useful tips to make it easier to assess your application and establish a trust relationship with your advisor.

Insuring your home: That's thinking ahead!

You say you have very few items of value so you don't think it's worth it to buy insurance for your home? Think again!