Protecting yourself and your business

Covering your assets, vehicles and liabilities

Be sure to adequately protect yourself and your assets

Take advantage of insurance that goes beyond fire, theft and vandalism.

Property insurance - Prepare for any eventuality

  • Coverage against loss of income you may suffer as a result of a loss
  • Coverage for repairing equipment or parts following accidental mechanical, hydraulic or electrical breakdown
  • Guaranteed replacement value that ensures the replacement with new goods, of property damaged or destroyed in a loss

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Opt for our civil liability insurance.

Civil liability insurance - Get peace of mind

  • Coverage against material or bodily damage for which you could be held responsible
  • Coverage against the financial consequences related to material or bodily damage to a third party

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Ensure that you have complete coverage for your commercial vehicles.

Insurance for commercial vehicles - Opt for complete coverage

  • Collision coverage on vehicles you lease or own
  • Coverage against damage caused to the property of others

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