Residential rental property owners

Looking for proactive solutions tailored to the growth potential of your real estate portfolio? Our enviable expertise and privileged network allows you to get the most from your investment.

Tailored solutions and advice

Our competitive fees can save you time and money and our range of products and services make financial management of your real estate portfolio easier:

Our advisors are also there to advise you if you'd like to:

  • Learn more about the real estate market
  • Get to know the neighbourhood in which the building you own or want to purchase is located
  • Shop around for other real estate professionals, such as chartered appraisers, building inspectors or notaries
  • Reduce your management costs

Homeowner support services

Desjardins initiative EspaceProprio gets you quick access to a network of professionals and a full range of services, including:

  • Support with selling without a broker
  • Support with buying or selling through a broker
  • Turnkey renovation and maintenance services

Learn more about EspaceProprio - External link.

Additional information

To help you acquire or refinance a rental property of 9 units or less. Ideal if your real estate portfolio includes no more than 12 rental units total.

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To help you acquire or refinance a rental property of over 8 units. Ideal if your real estate portfolio includes over 12 units.

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If you own commercial or residential buildings like apartment complexes or retirement homes, get real estate insurance from Desjardins Insurance to protect your property. We also insure your residential or commercial condominium properties.

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