Useful links

Information about new homes and renovations, list of contractors, buying guide, guarantees and subsidies. (in French only)

Taxation (capital cost allowance, rental losses, deductible expenses, etc.), forms and publications.

Innovative financing options, affordable housing, housing expertise and advice.

Rental property owners' association offering tips for successful landlord-tenant relations, free legal services, rental credit reports and information sessions. (in French only)

Regulations and standards, grants and incentives, publications, statistics and analysis.

List of building inspectors by area, inspection service agreement.

Discounted legal advice, access to credit reports, free training courses.

Contractor's Index, Building Code, Safety Code, Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings, laws, regulations and codes.

Board whose mission is to reconcile tenants and landlords and make rulings in the case of disputes. Information about leases and the rights and obligations of tenants and landlords.

General tax information about rental property income and expenses.

Financial assistance for renovations, advice on home adaptations, rights, responsibilities and recourse.