Loans and financing

Whether you are looking for traditional financing or better access to capital through an initial public offering, our experts will guide you and propose innovative solutions that will meet your needs.

If you want to increase the value of your business, we will present financing, merger and acquisition opportunities.

You can count on our team of corporate finance account managers and specialists.

To finance your development projects.

To finance real estate projects, such as buying land, or the construction or expansion of a building.

To help you meet your cash flow needs.

Get the funds you need to invest in your business: equipment and machinery purchases, resource inputs and repair or renovation of company property.

To meet temporary cash flow needs until expected funds are received.

Complementary funding to help strengthen your financial structure or carry out a project.

For greater access to capital markets and increased liquidity for their securities.

To help exporters lower the risks associated with foreign client credit.

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  1. Available in Quebec only.