Financial services for your agri-food business

Financial services for your agri-food business

We have a range of agro-business solutions to help you grow your business, including financing that fits your needs, simple management tools and practical support.

A partner who understands the industry

We know that the challenges you face include supply and labour shortages, rising costs and market fluctuations. As your agri-food business develops, you can count on us to be there every step of the way.

Your account manager understands your business and will guide you towards the best financing solutions and services for you.

Financing your business projects

Trying to cut costs while standing out from the competition can be challenging without the right financial tools. Your account manager is there to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Complementary financial solutions

Desjardins Capital

Get customized financing in the form of share capital or unsecured loans and benefit from governance advice.

Discover Desjardins Capital - Link to another Desjardins site.


Find the best government financing options (such as grants, loans or tax credits) for free.

Seek financing with Fundica

Momentum Fund

Get up to $20,000 to help finance your business's innovation project, digital transformation, energy-efficient equipment purchase or other qualifying initiative.

Discover the Momentum Fund

Accelerating your business's growth

Growing your business can take different forms, including cutting costs, responding better to demand and increasing sales. Whether it's to innovate and increase your yield, acquire a business or start exporting, we're here to support you.

International trade

While exporting is becoming easier in an increasingly globalized world, it can also be challenging and requires careful preparation. Our high-performance, secure products will help you develop your international business plan while minimizing risk. We'll guide you to create an optimal plan and a simple and effective strategy.

See our tools for taking a business international

Support beyond financial matters

The trusting relationships we've built with our network of partners allow you to team up with specialists in various fields while benefiting from special rates and offers.


Get 200 hours of innovation consulting at a special rate of $30/hour to help stimulate your business's growth and performance.

Discover Inno-centre - External link.


Enjoy a $340 discount and simplify your accounting with a solution that automates data entry, then synchronizes the data and organizes it intuitively.

See Aleop's offer - External link.

Réseau des centres d’expertise industrielle (RCEI)

Get up to 75% off digital transformation consulting services to make your business more competitive.

Learn more about RCEI (PDF, 836 KB)

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Protecting your wealth

We're here to help you pass on your business to the next generation and preserve the value of your estate.

Business transfer

Planning on passing the torch in the next few years? It's an important step that we're committed to navigating with you. Your account manager is here to help you make this transition a success.

Learn more about business transfers