A Desjardins member active internationally


Established in 1992, Ben-Mor, a company specializing in cables, chains, rope and accessories, has very rapidly grown to become an industry leader. In the context of globalization, Ben-More management seized the opportunity to choose Desjardins, from the very beginning, as its partner through the company's expansion.

Whether for import or export letters of credit, international funds transfers, inter-currency transfers or access to traders for derivative products, the Desjardins International Services team provided Ben-Mor managers with solutions adapted to their needs. In 2006, the company worked with Desjardins Bank in Florida for its project to acquire Continental Cable LLC in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, USA.

Ben-Mor is a professional company dedicated to the quality of its products and services. It is also committed to providing a stimulating and dynamic work environment that encourages balance between work and family life.

"Knowing that we can do business with wide-reaching company like Desjardins that shares our values and can come with us anywhere in the world – that's the major difference that explains 20 years of financial partnership!"

Lyne-Mireille Leduc, V.P. Finances, Ben-Mor