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The LC Express service allows importers and exporters to simplify the management of international trade transactions.

Who may use this service

The LC Express service is available to businesses of all sizes that use documentary credit. To use the service, businesses must be AccèsD Affaires users and obtain an LC Express user code and password.

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Main features

The online service allows you to get:

  • Import letters of credit
  • Export letters of credit
  • Standby letters of credit
  • International letters of guarantee (for bids, performance, advance payment guarantee, etc.)

Services available:

  • Requests for issuing and making changes to letters of credit
  • Approval process
  • Transaction status
  • Online report consultations
  • Creation of customized templates

Your letters of credit and guarantees are processed by our experts. A team of specialists is there to guide you in requesting letters of credit, specifically with regards to terms and conditions and the types of guarantees that can be offered.