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Desjardins and social media

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Communication with our members and clients is very important to us, so we are on the most popular social networks.

We are therefore able to:

  • answer member and client questions quickly
  • inform them about personal finances, the economy and our job offers
  • listen and interact with the community

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Terms of use of our various social network accounts

Last updated: August 22, 2014

Respectful communication

Desjardins believes that everyone deserves respect. Consequently, please remain respectful in your exchanges. As such:

  • avoid any comments that may constitute slander, harassment or any form of illegal activity; although the author is the only one responsible for their comment, Desjardins will not tolerate such behaviour
  • it is prohibited to steal the identity of another person in your exchanges
  • since writing in all capital letters on the Internet is considered yelling and may be interpreted as aggressiveness, please use capital letters sparingly

Equity between participants

We encourage debate. However, to equitably encourage all participants, please respect the following principles:

  • Exchanges must not take the form of a private discussion.
  • Avoid publishing comments repeatedly.
  • Since exchanges on Desjardins social media accounts mainly concern Desjardins Group, avoid comments that are unrelated to the objective of our accounts.
  • Avoid all forms of advertisement and solicitation in your comments. Any comment that is irrelevant or contains heinous or malevolent remarks may be deleted without prior notice.

Hyperlinks to other websites

  • You may include hyperlinks to other sites in your comments. However, please make sure that the links are relevant to your comment.
  • Desjardins has no control over the sites to which you or others publish links. Consequently, Desjardins is not responsible for content on these sites.
  • All forms of advertising are prohibited.

Protect your personal information

Protect your personal information. Desjardins is committed to respecting you privacy. For your security, please respect the following principles:

  • Avoid publishing personal information on our social media accounts. Desjardins will not use its social media accounts to offer personal finance advice.
  • Any comment published on our social media accounts that contains personal or confidential information, of financial or any other nature, will be deleted.
  • If you have more personal questions that you'd like to discuss with us, feel free to contact us:

    For all other matters, feel free to use any of the communication methods available on this page:

Terms of use changes and availability

  • Please review our terms of use every time you wish to publish a comment on our social media accounts, as the current terms may change without prior notice. Check the date at the beginning of the text to see when they were last updated.
  • Desjardins strives to make its social media accounts as accessible as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible if these accounts become unavailable for reasons of technical or other nature.

Please note: In using our social media accounts, you understand and agree that the present terms must be respected. If necessary and without prior notice, Desjardins may delete any comment that violates these terms of use.

Inappropriate comments

If you see an inappropriate comment, please contact us through a private Facebook or Twitter message.

We are constantly working to improve and would be pleased to read your comments and suggestions about our social media presence and our services.

We look forward to hearing from you!