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Our private wealth management services and solutions

We're here to develop a wealth management plan that meets your goals and needs, with solutions that reflect your personal, family and business circumstances.

A comprehensive and personalized approach that goes beyond just finances

With the assistance of highly skilled specialists, your private wealth manager will build a comprehensive strategy that includes all of your assets. You'll benefit from a made-to-measure plan that evolves along with your needs.

Are you a business owner?

We understand the realities of owning a business and the needs that come with it. We offer personalized financial products and services, strategic business planning as well as expert help transferring your business.

What we offer

Notaries, private bankers and tax specialists are among the wealth management specialists at your service.

Financial planning

Tax specialists, lawyers, accountants and financial planners will be working together to create your comprehensive financial plan. We'll provide you with a complete overview of your finances so you can make the right short- and long-term decisions to plan your retirement, pay less taxes and protect your wealth. 1

We'll base all our strategies for managing your family and business assets on this financial plan.

Portfolio management

We'll work with you to identify your goals and risk profile to create a portfolio that meets your needs and expected returns.

You'll benefit from the expertise of your private wealth manager, your Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc. portfolio manager, and external managers with sterling international reputations. You'll have access to several exclusive investment vehicles, such as private funds.

Private banking services

You and your family can use the exclusive services of a private banker, who will streamline your day-to-day financial transactions and offer you key services and solutions, such as: 2

  • Financing options that can meet even the most elaborate financing needs, especially for your business
  • A broad range of exclusive accounts and services
  • Borrowing solutions that grow your wealth and let you seize business opportunities
  • Access to US dollar accounts, Desjardins Bank and cross-border services

Trust and estate planning

Notaries and trust managers can support you in all estate planning decisions, such as drafting wills, settling estates and managing testamentary trusts. 1

They can also act as mandataries and manage your assets if you lose your independence.

We strive at all times to preserve harmony within your family and ensure that your last wishes are respected.

Tax planning

Our tax specialists and financial planners will develop a tax strategy to help you reduce your tax burden and save more.

They'll devise an action plan, which includes recommendations on investment management, asset protection, wealth transfer and philanthropy. 1

If you're already working with tax specialists, our team can provide a second opinion on your tax strategy.

Planning for business owners

We can guide you through every step of your business transfer to ensure a seamless transition, no matter what sector you're in.

Business transfer experts will work with you to design a structured succession plan that accounts for human, financial, strategic, legal and tax considerations. We're here to answer your questions and put you in touch with all the specialists you need. 3

Our priority is to ensure your company's longevity and long-term success.

Wealth protection

Wealth protection is about protecting yourself and your family from the potential financial repercussions of illness, death or loss.

Financial security and home and auto insurance specialists can help you choose the right protection solutions: 4

  • Life insurance options incorporating tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Rock-solid coverage for your assets (jewellery, boats, artwork, luxury cars, etc.)


Make a real difference in the community by supporting a cause that matters to you. We can help you create a personalized philanthropic fund for the organization of your choice.

Our specialists can help you fulfill various philanthropic goals, such as choosing an organization that reflects your values, making the most of your donations or creating a charitable bequest. 5

Assistance services

We offer a full range of free assistance services so you can focus on what's most important to you. Our dedicated team will take care of you, no matter where you are.

  • Legal assistance
  • Autonomy assistance
  • Home assistance
  • Estate assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Concierge service

Contact us

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Quebec City area:
1-800-653-7922 Phone number of Desjardins Private Wealth Management customer service for the Quebec City area. This link opens your phone app.

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