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Top 5 Driving Routes In and Around Calgary

October 19, 2017

If you enjoy driving and sight-seeing, here are some recommendations for driving routes around Calgary.

  1. Drive up to Nose Hill at 14th Street at night and stop at the parking lot from where you can see the whole city. It is also a favourite location for plane watchers, because it lies on the flight path to Calgary International Airport.
  2. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, drive to Airdrie or Cochrane for a gentle drive with small hills and greenery. Get out and take a stroll or find a place to get some ice-cream.
  3. The 115 kilometres to Sundre via Highway 22 is a bit longer, but the scenery along Highway 22 is worth the drive.
  4. A great day drive is to Cranbrook and/or Crowsnest Pass. Drive south on Highway 22 and turn west on Highway 3 through the twisty pass and up to Cranbrook. You will see beautiful scenery along the river and pass. Crowsnest Pass is about 230 kilometres from Calgary.
  5. If you have about three to four hours, drive Head west out of Calgary along the Trans Canada Highway. Then drive along Highway 40, from the Trans Canada Highway to Longview. This route takes you over the Highwood Pass, Canada’s highest pass, and through some amazing animal life, trees and patches of mountain snow even during the summer. Return via Highway 22 to Black Diamond, Highway 7 to Okotoks, Southridge Drive, Northridge Drive, Highway 2A and Highway 2 back to Calgary.
  6. Drive past the Elbow Falls in Kananaskis Country. Head west on highway 22x. The road changes to Highway 66 just past the Bragg Creek turn-off. If you drive to the end of the road, you will drive past the Elbow River and several small lakes. The mountain and valley views are spectacular. You can stop at elbow falls on your way back for a picnic.
  7. Drive to Barrier Lake. Head west on the TransCanada Highway and take the south exit to Kananaskis. After a few kilometres you will see beautiful Barrier Lake beach and the lake with its clear blue water on your right.
  8. Drumheller is 110 kilometres north east of Calgary on Highwa  9. Between Horseshoe Canyon, Horse Thief Canyon, hoodoos and the coal mines, there is more than enough to see.
  9. If you want a long day out, or even overnight somewhere, you can do no better than the Bow Valley Parkway along Highway 1A from Banff to Lake Louise. Behold the mountain peaks, stop at the interpretive displays and drive slowly to give yourself the best opportunity to see some wildlife.


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