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7 tips to celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank

October 5, 2020

From gifts to gatherings, the holidays can put additional financial strain on your budget. The Retail Council of Canada revealed that in 2020, Quebec shoppers planned to spend an average of $5321 on holiday celebrations. Sound planning can help prevent your year-end shopping from causing financial stress.

1. Make your holiday budget bright and early.

Take all your purchases into account, not just those under the tree, but also gifts for the host, food and beverages, and extra gas. Set money aside now instead of having to borrow and pay it back later.

To make a budget that reflects your habits, rely on your previous holiday spending. If you’ve signed up for online statements and documents, you can see your credit card transactions for the past 10 years.

Making a budget will certainly help you stick to it and better allocate amounts for each purchase.

2. Make a list of people you want to give a gift to.

Don’t feel like you have to give gifts to everyone. Choose the people for whom you’re truly happy to do it. Talk openly with friends and relatives about your intention to reduce your spending. Some may be relieved and want to do the same!

3. Start your holiday shopping early.

See an online deal and think it’s a steal?

Be careful when shopping online. Here are some tips to avoid the pitfalls of online shopping.

The best deals aren’t just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be on the lookout throughout the year. Knowing the regular price of items will help you spot good deals, like clearance and end-of-season sales.

4. Give time and love.

We say that time is money, but money doesn’t buy time. Swamped parents could really use a ready-to-eat meal or a day off while you watch the kids. Your busy friends might enjoy a night out or a craft project that strengthens your special bond. These acts of love and attention are always appreciated, regardless of the money spent.

5. Make the most of your rewards.

Cash back is credited directly to your account when your statement is issued, reducing your outstanding balance. Treat yourself with this little gift!/ Check out the various features of our credit cards. Depending on your annual transaction volume, some products may be more worthwhile or offer higher discount rates for specific purchase categories, such as groceries and restaurants.

Each BONUSDOLLAR® you earn with your Desjardins credit card2 is worth $1 you can redeem for rewards and gift cards. Use them to pay for some of your purchases, and accumulate more for next year. Find out how to redeem your BONUSDOLLARS®.

6. Check your credit card statement and pay it in full.

Review your monthly statement to make sure all documented transactions are legitimate. Zero Liability protection covers you in the event of fraud, but you have let us know right away.

Make sure you pay your credit card balance in full by the due date. If you only make a partial payment, you won’t have the grace period and interest will be calculated from the date you made your purchases. These credit charges could amount to the price of a gift!

7. Plan and save for next year.

Apply these best practices and start the new year by making your budget for next Christmas. Use automatic savings to regularly set aside a small amount (for example, every payday or every month) in a dedicated account. You’ll save more without even thinking about it!

Plan your savings starting now.

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® BONUSDOLLARS is a registered trademark of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

2 To find out which Desjardins credit cards offer BONUSDOLLARS, go to Find the best credit card