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Economic Viewpoint

Quebec Is Faring Well With Regards to Capital Growth, but Demographic Growth Will Bring New Challenges

January 18, 2024
Lorenzo Tessier-Moreau, Principal Economist • Hendrix Vachon, Principal Economist

Building capital is key to supporting long‑term economic growth. Capital covers all assets that enable production of various goods and services. It also impacts labour productivity. Building residential capital is also especially important, since it helps meet people’s housing needs. The most recent provincial data now includes 2022, and Quebec is performing well compared to the Canadian average. It’s also important to compare trends in capital and demographics. Historically, capital stock has increased faster than the population, which we continue to see in Quebec. That said, based on various projections, we do expect to have considerable investment needs in the coming years. For Canada as a whole, the challenge is even greater.